Do you want to be crafty but don’t know where to start? Don’t fret, check out Magnolia Design Co. What is Magnolia? Magnolia is a direct sales company that sells reusable mesh stencils. No need to be crafty at all.

How does it work?

Magnolia Design Co.

First thing you need to do is pick your stencil. At the moment, they have around twenty stencils. Magnolia is a young company, so they are just starting out. I mean they opened for retail orders in May of 2019 and didn’t open the direct sales portion until August. They will be adding more stencils later on.

Next, you need to choose your surface. Magnolia has an array of different surfaces. But you’re not limited to what they have available. You can chalk on just about anything. Take a look around your house and see if there is anything that needs revamping. You can even go to the Goodwill and find different surfaces there. The sky is the limit.

Remove the stencil from the backing and lay down on the surface. Using the squeegee, spread the chalk paste or the ink over the stencil. Make sure you remove any of the lines. Wipe the excess back into the jar. A little goes a long way. Pull the stencil off and you have your design.

What is the difference between paste and ink?

The chalk paste is a thicker consistency than the ink. The chalk paste is simply chalk. So once you are tired of the design, depending on your surface, you can use a little water and wash it off. Then you can do a new design. If you want it to be permanent, just spray it with sealer.

Ink is permanent. You can use it on glass and fabrics like tee shirts or dish towels. However, if you are using in on textiles, you will need to heat set it. You can do this by using a heat press, a Cricut Easy Press or even your clothes iron.

Want to host a workshop?

Want to host a work shop? No problem, get a few of your girlfriends together and I will come to you. Basically, you order your stencils, surfaces and pastes. I will deliver them the night of the work shop. I will instruct you how to make your personalized signs.

I’m available to do workshops in Eastern – South Eastern Kentucky. Not in Kentucky, no problem. We can try to set up a Facebook party.

Want to Join Magnolia?

So you are so in love with the product and want to join. Of course you are, who wouldn’t love this stuff? You can sign up at my website.

The start up kit is only $69 and it comes with everything you need to start out. That’s a $179 worth of stuff for only $69. Even if you just want to nab the kit it’s a great deal. You will receive a 35% discount if you order from the back office. Any order placed from the website will earn you 25% commissions.

Best part, there is no quota. No need to fear getting in last minute sales to keep your status. If you have something major go on in life you don’t need to fret losing your status with the company. So if heaven forbid you’re in a car accident or even if you have a baby there is no worries. Maybe you just want to take some time to spend with your family. Take the time you need. The only thing you need to do to keep your status is paying for your website monthly. That is only $10.99 a month. I look at it like it’s Sam’s Club or Costco. You pay a fee to save money at those establishments. You can do that with Magnolia. Plus, you can sell your finished pieces. So it’s a win, win.

Magnolia Design Co. Starter Kit $69.00

6 thoughts on “What is Magnolia Design Co

    1. It’s similar to Chalk Couture. I’ve done CC in the past. I really enjoyed it but I like the stencils Magnolia offers a little more. Some of them are a little edgier than I think of CC.

      Please let me know if you have any other questions about Magnolia Designs.

  1. Can I sell finished products I have done using Chalk Couture and Magnolia? I am not interested in building a business of selling the transfers, just selling finished projects.

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