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Are you looking for a diy ornament with meaning? Maybe one that is easy to do? Well, then this tutorial is for you. Here I show you how to make an easy Scrabble tile ribbon ornament. Best part, you can use any word like joy, merry or even your child’s name.

What will you need?

You won’t need much to make these ornaments. You will need three sizes of ribbons. The base ribbon I used was 7/8.” The second ribbon was 5/8.” The ribbon used to hang the ornament is 1/8.”

You will also need Scrabble letters. I purchased mine on Amazon. You can get them here.

Also, you will need a glue gun and a pair of scissors.

On to the tutorial……

First things first, you need to be able to pick out your letters. It drove me crazy going through the letters. So I purchased this container to organize them a lot easier. Now I can just grab what I need.

Second, cut the second ribbon the length of the letters. I used a glitter ribbon for this. Our Christmas tree is on a turner so the glitter from the ribbon really pops between the letters.

Step 1

Next, cut the biggest ribbon double the length of the tiled ribbon. This will be the base of the ornament.

Then, glue the tiled ribbon to the base ribbon. Make sure to leave enough room at the top of the ribbon to fold over.

Step 2
Step 3
Step 4

Fourth, flip the ornament over. Now, cut the third ribbon long enough to make a hanger. Place a little glue down and then place the hanger on top of that with the knot downwards. Next, fold down the top of the ornament thru the loop and glue down.

Then, fold the bottom half upwards and glue down. I try to make this the whole length of the ornament.

Finally, trim off any excess ribbon or hot glue that has come oozing out the sides of the ornament.

Step 5

That’s all there is to this ornament. I was able to make four under ten minutes.

If you decide to make these, I would love to see them. Just come on over to my Facebook page and tag me in them.

The Scrabble Tiles can be purchased here.

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