Hi Y’all! I’m excited to bring you my very first review post. Boy was I nervous. I know with time I will improve.

So the product I am reviewing is Scorch Marker. I have been wanting to use this product for some time now. I have been seeing it advertised all over social media lately.

Scorch Marker is an innovated way to wood burn. It is non-toxic so it’s safe on the skin. You can both free form or use a stencil. I chose to use stencils because again, I can’t cut or draw a straight line to save my life.

Color or fill in your stencil and then remove it. I used Cricut removable vinyl that I found on clearance a few months ago for $3.50 a roll. I used a lighter torch in the video. You could see scorch marks around the design. I liked the way it came out. To me, it looked rustic. I will need to purchase a heat gun to see if I can do it without those lines.

I had fun using this product and I do recommend it to anyone who would like to try wood burning but is intimidated by the heat wand. I also get to mark wood burning off of my craft bucket list as well.

If you’d like to try Scorch Marker, they have generously given my readers a 15% off discount with the coupon code cantcutit. Visit their website at https://scorchmarker.com/

Scorch Marker Review

2 thoughts on “Scorch Marker Review

    1. I have used both a barbeque lighter and a heat gun. I prefer using a heat gun. I purchased mine from Harbor Freight. You can also purchase from Amazon or any hardware store.

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