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I love Dollar Tree projects because they are cheap to do. I don’t think crafting should break the bank. Not only that, but it’s fun searching for what you need. Your Dollar Tree don’t have what you are looking for, then just go to another one.

Wooden Crate now being offered at Dollar Tree. Picture taken from Dollar Tree website.

Now, they have the new Crafter’s Square. Some of the stuff they have is pretty great for a buck. Like this wooden crate.

Selling Your Crafts

If you like to sell your crafts, then purchasing online at Dollar Tree is great too. Because you can purchase in bigger quantities. If your store is out of what you are looking for than you can order it online. Don’t want to pay shipping? Have it ship to the store instead and then pick it up.

On To The Tutorial

Here is an easy peasy Dollar Tree craft. If you have little ones, then you know in the month of November and December they like to misbehave a little. It’s not because they are bad. No, it’s because they are so excited about the holidays. I mean who isn’t excited about Christmas, right?

Some people resort to a special Elf that they have to move around every day. That is a big commitment for sure. Not only that, but to get creative with what to do with that little booger too. I do love looking at all the elf pics on Facebook though. Let me say, some of you are very creative too. Why not have a Santa Cam night light.

Your Santa Cam isn’t a real camera. It’s fake for sure. But it gives the illusion that Santa is watching though. Plus, it doubles as a night light.

Supplies needed:


1. Design your Santa Cam in Design Studio or whatever software you use. I happen to use a Cricut Maker but you may have a different cutter. Note: I am working on getting my files for available for my subscribers. So keep checking back for that.

2. Cut your design on the vinyl and then weed. By weeding, I mean getting rid of the part of your design you do not want people to see.

3. Place your transfer tape over the vinyl. I don’t use transfer tape, I use clear contact paper that I purchase from either Dollar Tree or Walmart.

4. Position the tape over the night light and then lay it down on the night light. Pull the tape off of the light.

5. Unscrew the lens off of the thing that holds the lens on the phone. Glue it onto the white plastic part of the night light. I used hot glue. You could use any adhesive that you prefer though.

This ends my tutorial. However, if you wanted to go a step further, you could use paint, etching cream or whatever else to frost the back of the night light. I suggest doing that before adding the vinyl and lens though. You could even add a little red circle out of vinyl for the record light too. It’s that simple.

Video tutorial – How to make a Santa Cam

Night Light can be purchased here.

Wood crate can be purchased here.

Camera Lens can be purchased here. Dollar Tree has been sold out of them. But here is another alternative if you can’t find it at the DT.

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  1. What a great idea! Maybe this will help my kids behave better? I love that it’s also inexpensive and seems fairly easy to do too! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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