The newest trend for Halloween crafting is pumpkin painting. I know that because of my day job. I haven’t been able to keep my acrylic paint in stock. I’m talking thousands of bottles of paint. Me being the curious person that I am, I asked several customers what they are painting. They all said pumpkins.

You can decorate early with the paint. That way, by Halloween the pumpkins aren’t rotted. You could even carve them afterwards.

So, me being the crafty person that I am, I had to try it. My pumpkin actually turned into a fail. I promised myself that I would post my fails on my blog. I want my readers to see that I am human too.

I started with a white base. I applied two coats.

I used a pink paint to paint a ring around the pumpkin. I was going for a donut look. But that didn’t happen.

I may have failed, but I turned that fail into something beautiful. I cut strips of fabric and used Modpodge to adhere it to the outside of the pumpkin. I’ve seen other tutorials that used one inch strips. I just cut big chunks because the fabric I used had a bigger print. Once that was done, I then applied the ModPodge over the top of the fabric.

I could have stopped here, but decided to take it a step forward and added ribbon like the grooves that are on the pumpkin. This helped to cover up some of the rough edges from the fabric. I used push pins but you could use Modpodge to adhere the ribbon.

To cover up the mess at the top, I took a piece of fabric. The best part you don’t have to cut even lines. It doesn’t have to be exact or perfect. Since I can’t cut a straight line, that makes the perfect craft for me. I then wrap it around the stem and tie a knot.

I love when I can turn a failed attempt into something very pretty.

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