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I’ve been seeing these blankets all over the internet. Whether it is Facebook, Pinterest or even just a Google search, it seems as though they are everywhere.

My best friend happens to be a Christmas Movie nerd. It’s what she is passionate about and loves. So, I thought making this blanket for her would be a perfect surprise.

Some are generic like mine. Other’s use the logo of a very popular TV channel. Don’t get me wrong, those are definitely adorable. However, I was scared of copy write infringement. Not only that but I didn’t want the same thing as everyone else. If you haven’t noticed by now, I don’t fit in anywhere. I choose to not fit in.

I was excited because I learned a new trick for Inkscape. I’m not even sure what it’s called. But now, I can make svg files in Inkscape and then open them in Design Space. I am looking into a resource page for my readers that will have my svg files available free. So keep checking back for that.

On to tonight’s project, I love how this blanket came out. Not only that, but it brought a bright spot in my bestie’s day. If I can bring happiness into someone’s day then it was a success.

Step 1: Download the file.

Step 2: Upload the file into Design Space.

Step 3: Click on the image and make it the size you want it. I made it approximately 11″X10″.

Step 4: Click make it.

Step 5: Click mirror image because you will be using heat transfer vinyl.

Step 6: Load your vinyl onto your cutting mat shiny side down. Note: HTV has the transfer sheet already attached to it. That is why you place the shiny side down. If not, your design will not cut.

Step 7: Load mat into cutter.

Step 8: Change your settings. For HTV, you will choose Iron on.

Step 9: Push the “C” button on your machine. Your Cricut will then cut the file out of your vinyl.

Step 10: Unload the mat and pull the vinyl off of mat.

Step 11: Weed the vinyl, which means removing the vinyl that is not being used or part of the design.

Notice the image is backwards, this just means it’s mirrored. We cut from the back instead of the front on HTV. That clear sheet works as a transfer sheet.
This is with the design turned the proper way.

Step 12: Place the vinyl down on the blanket. The clear plastic backing is the transfer sheet. Use either an iron or a Easy Press/Heat Press to adhere the vinyl to the blanket. I used an Easy Press at 350. Go by the directions of your vinyl though.

Step 13: Pull back the plastic backing once cool.

This blanket will make you nice and cozy while enjoying a good hot cup of cocoa and watching Christmas movies.

4 thoughts on “My Christmas Movie Blanket

  1. I love the blanket you made. I don’t think I am crafty enough though because I’m not sure what some of the things were you referenced. I will just appreciate them by looking 🙂

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