Magnolia Designs Co is a direct sales company that sells reusable silk screen stencils and chalk paste. The chalk paste is removable. This means you can use the stencils on a board and remove it later to reuse it. If it is a chalkboard of course. So you can have one chalkboard in your house and just switch it out.

What you need:

  • Heifer Please reusable stencil
  • Two colors of chalk paste
  • Board for sign
  • Spray sealer
  • Squeegie


Step 1:

You need to prep your stencils. Cut the stencils on the perforated lines. Write “back” with a Sharpie on the back. This is so you know which side is which once you put it back.

Now, you should fuzz your stencil. I did not on this particular one and it did fine. However, depending on your sign you may need to do so. Fuzzing is just placing the stencil down on a towel or on your pant leg a few times. This will make it a little less sticky and make it easier to remove the stencil. It can sometimes remove the finish of your board depending on how it’s finished if you didn’t fuzz first. By fuzzing, it can help prevent that.

Position the stencil where you want it. Press it down around the sides of the image. You can pull it up and relay it if you need to.

Step 2:

Open your chalk paint and stir it. Do not use wood popsicle sticks to do this. The wood will draw out the moisture. I use a plastic butter knife. They are pretty cheap and disposable. You want a yogurt-like consistency. If it is too thick, you can use distilled water to thin it down. Add a little at a time. Also, you can put it in a microwave for like twenty seconds at a time. This will help you get it stirred up enough to use it.

Next, dot a little bit of the paste on top of the transfer. Using your squeegee, spread the paste over the stencil. You will go over it afterward to smooth it out. This way, you can get the lines out. The excess can go back into the jar.

Step 3:

Peel the stencil up and you have your design. If you plan to layer as I did, you must make sure that the chalk is completely dry. You can use a heat gun or a hairdryer to do this. Softly lay the next stencil on top. Be gentle because if you put it down to rough or leave it on for too long you can pull up some of the first layers of chalk.

Step 4:

This is completely optional but you can use a spray sealer to seal your sign. If you leave it unsealed, a little bit of water can make part of your design to come off.

Cleaning the Stencil:

Always clean your stencil after you are finished. I do this by running water over it on both sides. I rub my fingers over the screen gently to get some of it washed off. After the majority of it is cleared off, I use a Lysol or Antibactieral wipe to clean the top side first. Then I flip the stencil over and clean the sticky side. I leave it with the sticky side up to dry. Once dry, stick it back to the backing. Then you are done.


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In the video, I didn’t realize the bar from my tripod holder was in the way. I figured it out halfway through the video.

You can purchase this stencil and many more at my Chalk Shop.

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