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So confession time, I am a Colts fan. It doesn’t matter if they win or lose, I love them the same. I started watching the Colts when I was a knee high to grasshopper. No, really I did. They had several of their players come to my school and talk to us. I believe that was like fourth grade if I’m not mistaking. How cool was that? To put the frame of time in your head, that was back during Jeff George days. Wow, I just really aged myself, huh? I even had my Senior pictures taken wearing a Jim Harbough jersey. Yes, I was made fun of in school for wearing a Logo 7 Colts jacket. They also made fun of me for wearing all of my Colts shirts. I won’t even mention my little crush on Steve Emtman.

However, I made this wreath a while ago but recently found the pictures of it. So, I thought I could post them and give a tiny tutorial on how I made it. It’s only fitting that this is my very first post of this blog, since I have been watching the game with Kansas City while setting up this blog. So here goes nothing:

This is the amount of supplies I used on this wreath. It took me maybe an hour or so to put it together. I think I spent any where between fifteen dollars to twenty five dollars. Most of the supplies came from Hobby Lobby for this particular project. The Colts ornaments came from Walmart.

Step one:

Cut the tulle into strips. I don’t remember how long I cut them. However, keep in mind that you will be tying them around the wreath form so they need to be at least that long. Make sure all of your knots lie on the same side as well.

You can purchase your wreath form here. You can purchase your tulle here.

Note: If you use glitter tulle like I did, you will have that crap everywhere. Glitter is the STD of the crafting world. Sorry if that was grotesque.

Step two:

Paint all of your wooden pieces and prep them to be glued together. I glued my last name onto the fence. Now keep in mind, I can never do anything lined up correctly so I always try to make it look as if that is the look I was going for. So you notice my last name is not level. If you have ever been to a game before you know guys like to hold up a letter D and a Fence for defense. I love to watch a good defense take apart an even better offense. So I used the first letter of my name and a fence for defense. Pretty clever, huh?

Step three:

Now glue all of your pieces to the wreath. I used hot glue. To hang the ornament I used fishing line to tie it to the wreath.

Step four:

Hang it on your door. That’s all it takes.

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