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Okay so I’m not perfect. In fact no one is and I’m the first person that will admit it. In fact, I embrace my imperfectness. Is that even a word? I don’t know if it’s because I try to rush every thing because I get excited or maybe my brain is wired differently from other people’s. Who knows? But anyways, I plan on posting about my crafty fails on this blog. Let me tell you there are plenty of those. So without further ado, this is my first crafty fail that I am going to show you.

I have recently starting making these tumblers. Basically, I take a tumbler and Modpodge fabric around it. Then I use resin to seal it all down. I then use my Cricut to make vinyl decals on them. I will post a tutorial on how to make these cups at a later date. They are quite fun to make but take a few days to complete each one depending on technique.

But anyways, I circled my failed attempt on this particular cup. I purchased the fabric from Walmart on clearance. I designed the decal myself in Design Space. However, I figured out that you have to get a good seal with the Modpodge. If you do not, once you seal with your resin, it will then have what looks like oil slicks under the resin. So basically what happened, the resin got up under the fabric.

Now, I haven’t sold any of these cups because I’m still learning how to make them. So yes, I still use this cup even though it has that weird oil slick under the resin. Again, it’s my imperfectness and it makes me unique.

I like to use Built tumblers. I use the 20 oz straight side ones. They are just easier to work with in my opinion. Click here for the Built Tumblers.

I have been using Amuilite Epoxy. You can get it here.

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