Happy Christmas Eve and welcome back to my blog. These ornaments have been the in-thing. In fact, I had a hard time finding the three-inch embroidery hoops anywhere. Walmart and Hobby Lobby were both out of them. I found these on Amazon though.

Supplies Needed:

  • three or four-inch embroidery hoops
  • fabric
  • heat transfer vinyl
  • jute or ribbon
  • hot glue

On to the Tutorial:

The first thing you need to do is design what you want on your ornament. You can use numerous different fonts. Some you can get free, some you need to pay for. You can even download the files that I designed and used from my Library for free. Just join my free email list. =======>

The next thing you need to do is cut the vinyl and then weed the vinyl. If you don’t know what weeding is, it’s basically taking the bits you don’t need out of the design.

I didn’t measure the fabric before I cut it. I know, I’m a total rebel. I did, however, put the outside of the loop over the fabric and cut around it. Next, I placed the vinyl under the hoop to line it up.

Next, you need to heat set the vinyl onto the fabric. I place freezer paper over the vinyl. I put my Easy Press on 305 and pressed it for thirty seconds. Once the vinyl was cool, I peeled the plastic carrier sheet off of the vinyl.

After you press the vinyl down to the fabric, you put the fabric on the inner hoop. Then placed the outer loop on top and twist the screw on top.

Flip the ornament over and trim the fabric. Use the glue gun and adhere the fabric to the back of the ornament. Flip it back over and embellish the ornament any way you want. Use the jute or ribbon to tie at the top for a hanger. That is all there is to it.

I made these ornaments for all of my associates. They loved them. If you decide to make these ornaments, I would love to see them.

You can purchase the Embroidery Hoops here.

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