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So I wanted a small Christmas tree for my desk in my bedroom. I have been seeing lots of tutorials on YouTube, FaceBook and Pinterest about these little Dollar Store trees. I love Dollar Tree crafts. It is cheap after all. So I made a trip to Dollar Tree. They didn’t have the extra filler branches at my local Dollar Tree. However, Dollar General did. I have $8 in this tree. How great is that?

Step 1: Put the styrofoam into the bucket. Then push the tree down into the styrofoam.

Step 2: Put the white rocks over the styrofoam to weigh it down.

Step 3: Fluff the tree. Don’t worry about the tree being a bit skimpy. We will fix that in the next step.

Step 4

Step 4: Use the branches to fill in the empty spots on the tree.

Step 5: Wrap the lights around the tree.

Step 6: Decorate with the ornaments and topper.

Step 7: Plug in tree, turn off lights and enjoy the tree.

Click here to purchase the Dollar Tree Christmas Tree.

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