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Crayon art is quite fun and addicting. Basically, you glue crayons to a canvas. Then you use either a heat gun or a hair dryer to melt the crayons. You can use a box knife to remove the wrappers if you don’t want to keep them. Or you can even purchase naked crayons that do not have wrappers. Click here to buy them. It makes it easier and the project to go a lot quicker.

I’ve used both a heat gun and a hair dryer. I honestly prefer the heat gun over the hair dryer. The hair dryer seemed to want to splatter everywhere. I didn’t have near as much of that with the heat gun. In fact the wax melted way smoother with the heat gun.

This is the board I made for my brother’s funeral.

Here is a little tip: use an old gift box while melting the crayons. The wax likes to splatter everywhere. Whenever I do anything with paint, wax or anything messy, I like to use a gift box. I get them from the Dollar Tree and then simply throw them away when they are too far gone. It helps contain the mess to one spot.

Tip: Use gift box to contain mess, then throw out when finished.

Click here to purchase naked crayons.

Click here to purchase heat gun.

Click here to purchase canvas.

Click here to purchase gift boxes.

I could watch crayon art videos all day.

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