So last Christmas, my store had me help decorate the break room. The division wanted tacky and in your face. But I couldn’t do that. Not only that but my store manager wanted blue, silver and classic. Another Co-worker decorated the Christmas tree and hung the lights throughout the room. I did the flower arrangements on the tables and the window by the tree.

I got a black poster frame to make the window frame. The black ribbons was placed behind the glass to simulate the pane of a window. The winter wonderland photo was a gift bag that we had enlarged. It’s actually of a church. The curtains was a yard of navy blue fabric. I didn’t even sew it. I just folded the fabric over the curtain rod and used safety pins to adhere it down. I wrapped silver ribbons around each curtain.

When you look at the window, it looks as if you are looking out into a winter wonderland. Everyone was in love with this window. In fact, I had a few people ask me if they could purchase it after we were done with it. I politely declined so that way we would have it for the following years.

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