Cataract Falls is one of my all time favorite spots in the State of Indiana. Being an introvert means that being around a lot of people or loud situations can drain you pretty quickly. Introverts can get into nature and recharge their batteries. Going into the woods by yourself can be quite dangerous. However, the way the parking is set up, it makes is somewhat safer for someone to go by themselves. There is literally only a few thousand feet from the parking lot to the falls. So it’s very handicap accessible as well.

Upper Falls, Cataract Falls, IN
Upper Falls, Cataract Falls, IN
Lower Falls, Cataract Falls, IN
Small Water Falls
Covered Bridge
The covered bridge has picnic tables inside which would make for great family reunions.
Selfie along one of the hiking trails

If you are ever in Indiana, stop on by and see these gems. You won’t be disappointed.

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