This sign I made for my bestie for her birthday. The best part, she bought the sign board for me for Christmas. We had a great laugh over that. But anyways, I designed the cut file in Design Space playing around with the different fonts until I got it right to where I wanted it. Since I was using the vinyl as a stencil, I used whatever scrap vinyl I had laying around. I believe this particular vinyl is the Hobby Lobby brand.

The machine I used to cut this out is an older Cricut Espressions machine. Since it’s an out of date machine, I needed to use the Sure Cuts Alot 2 software. Without the software, this machine will only cut using the cartridges. You are limited with what you can cut. This software is not endorsed nor is it supported by Cricut. I updated my machine in January of 2019 to a Cricut Air 2 that I purchased on QVC on payments.

But any who moving on to my tutorial. After you cut your vinyl out, weed the letters and shapes out of the vinyl. Use clear contact paper to transfer the vinyl to the sign. Pull the contact paper off of the sign.

Next, use a foam brush to apply the Modpodge to the stencil. This seals it down and helps to not have bleeding of the paint. Now, paint the acrylic over the stencil once the Modpodge is dry. Once the paint is dry, pull up the stencil. Use your pick tool to pull the vinyl up in the loops and the enclosed letters like “e” and “o”. Once finished you could use a sealer over the paint or leave as is. On this particular sign, I left as is especially since it’s a pallet board so the surface is uneven.

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