Like the title of this blog, I can’t cut a straight line. I also can’t walk a straight line, draw a straight line or level a picture frame no matter how hard try.

Born and raised a Hoosier in Indianapolis, I recently moved to Columbia, Kentucky and feel like I fit right in. I always used to say, “a Hoosier was just a Kentuckian that broke down on their way to visit Michigan. They probably shouldn’t have been driving that Ford.”

My page will be about my world. I will be posting different crafts that I like to try. I don’t tend to stick to any certain platform. I’m normally moving on before the first one is finished. I have been dubbed the queen of unfinished projects after all.

I will also be showcasing my fails. You will be able to tell that I am a human. Too many instructions sites and hobby sites show the perfect end results. Life isn’t always perfect. Sometimes it’s a little messy, well at least mine is. So stick around and I will show just how imperfect I really am.

I also love nature and hiking. These photos were taken at Cataract Falls in Indiana. That is my favorite place in Indiana. I will also be posting photos that I have taken while on my hikes as well.